Monday, 3 June 2013

Tri Iron Folic Acid for Pregnant Women

Iron supports various aspects of the immune system and is important in a wide range of biological processes.

A healthy diet with adequate amounts of folic acid may reduce a woman's risk of having a child with brain or spinal-cord defects.

NUTRILITE Tri-Iron Folic is certified kosher dairy and halal.

NUTRILITE Tri-Iron Folic lets women and men tailor their iron consumption.

Iron is especially important for women who are in their childbearing years or pregnant, and for some men.


NUTRILITE Tri-Iron Folic contains:

A unique blend of iron from 3 sources – iron bisglycinate, iron fumarate, and mustard greens, one of nature's richest plant sources of iron

Vitamin C, to increase the absorption of iron fumarate and iron bisglycinate

200 mcg of folic acid to promote heart health and help maintain homocysteine levels that are already within the normal range

Nutrilite tri-iron folic can be an essential part of our daily diets. Women need about 1-3 times more iron than men; and need additional supplementation during pregnancy to help balance their immune systems; and to stop the fetus from developing neutral-tube birth defects.

Tri-iron Folic from Nutrilite has also been tested as one of the most Beneficial iron supplements on the market today!!!

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