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Ebola Mask - #1 Physician Recommended Ebola Face Mask!

Get An Ebola Mask and Protect Yourself!

Ebola is a very rare and deadly virus that one can catch via close contact with another human carrying the disease or possibly an animal (i.e. Bats). There are currently 5 different Ebola virus species.

However, of these 5 there are only 4 that we know of that actually can infect humans. Theses include; Ebola virus; Sudan virus; Bundibugyo virus ; and Taï Forest virus. The last can be found only in nonhuman primates.

Throughout the history of the disease which was discovered in 1976 in the Democratic Republic of Congo, it has only been seen in African countries. Most recently, the disease has made landfall in the United States. This has worried millions and set many people into panic mode. Should we be worried? Yes, we should! The disease has killed 1000’s of people in Africa and is spreading like wild-fire.

Fortunately, there are many things one can do to protect themselves from the virus including the implementation of a special face mask, goggles, hazmat suit, etc. However, it is important to know in-depth the symptoms of the virus and the ways in which it can spread. Having this knowledge is the best protection you can have.


Once you have been exposed to the Ebola virus symptoms can show up anywhere to from 2-21 days after id you have been infected.

Fever (greater than 101.5°F)
Muscle pain
Extreme Vomiting
Stomach Pain
Severe Headache
Unexplained Bleeding

There is so much information now about how the Ebola virus is spread. A lot of it is true, however some is false. We have taken our information directly from the most reputable source in the world, the United States Center for Disease Control.

When an infection occurs, the virus can be spread in several ways to other people. It is important to not that Ebola is spread through direct contact with the following:

blood or body fluids
including the urine, breast milk, sweat, saliva, feces, vomit, and semen of a person who is sick with Ebola.
objects that have been contaminated with the virus
this can include needles used by diabetics, or other medical use.
used bandages or cleaning supplies that have been used to clean the effected person or animal
infected animals
bats, monkey, apes, and other primates.
Most people do not realize Ebola is NOT spread through the air or by water. However, it can be transmitted through a sneeze or if the virus is accidentally sprayed with a liquid it can become an aerosol.
History shows that during outbreaks of Ebola virus it can spread swiftly through healthcare facilities. It is important to use the appropriate protective equipment, including masks, gowns, and gloves and eye protection when around an infected person.

Once a human has beat Ebola and no longer shows system, they can not spread the virus further. As a precaution, it is mandatory that one recovering from Ebola abstain from sex. The virus has been found to lay formant in semen for up to 3 months.


Next to avoiding contact with someone infected with Ebola or an area an infected person has been in, the CDC recommends strict hygiene.  This include consistently washing your hands or even using hand sanitizer. Those that think they may come in contact with the virus or live in populous areas with an active outbreak of the virus are recommended to wear protective gear. This includes the following:

Ebola Mask For Protection

A face mask will protect your mouth and nose from contamination with the deadly Ebola disease. Remember it can only be spread through direct contact with bodily fluids. This is a MUST have when in close contact with an infected person. This mask inactivates harmful pathogens, including imminent strains of influenza, such as H1N1, avian flu and swine flu.

Ebola Mask - #1 Physician Recommended Ebola Face Mask - YouTube

Ebola Mask - Protect Yourself!

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Forskolin Supplement For Weight Loss - YouTube

Forskoilin Supplement Forskolin is the hottest new weight loss supplement for 2014. It has received raving reviews from celebrities and celebrity doctors ali...

Monday, 8 September 2014

Forskolin Supplement For Weight Loss - YouTube

Forskoilin Supplement Forskolin is the hottest new weight loss supplement for 2014. It has received raving reviews from celebrities and celebrity doctors ali...

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How to Get Rid of Toe Fungus - YouTube

How to Get Rid of Toe Fungus Today So how exactly does one grow to be suffering from a yeast nail contamination? It could come from the yeast epidermis conta...

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Real Marketing Masters Introduction

What is Real Marketing Masters?

Real Marketing Masters is a unconventional internet marketing program that actually allows its members to relax and earn mass profit without doing any work if they choose to.

Real Marketing Masters Introduction - YouTube

Real Marketing Masters is a unique new program that is suited for people who are new to internet marketing.

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Immaculate Conception: How to Kiss For the First Time

Learn to kiss and thrill your partner!

How to Kiss For the First Time

Making that First Kiss Perfect

That is a great guide on how to be able to make out. Finding that generally is a tricky action to take unless you receive at ease performing it, even though absolutely nothing can certainly fully prepare an individual for any make out, that how-to can clarify a few of the essentials of acquiring an associate and also check out several uncomplicated acquiring do's and also don't's.

Note: I am by no means a kissing expert. The information in this instructable is based upon experience and some simple research on the subject.

Let's get started with just a simple kiss

Step 1: Pre Kiss

The lead up to the kiss can actually be the most difficult part of kissing. Figuring out whether your partner is ready to kiss you or not can be a challenge of its own.

If you see one or a combination of these indicators, there is a good chance that your partner is thinking about kissing you.
  • eyes become soft and heavy
  • eye contact is made and sustained
  • head turns slightly
  • lips are licked or bitten
  • your partner makes physical contact with you beyond what seems appropriate for normal conversation (e.g. he or she brushes your hand, touches you on the shoulder or leg, or fidgets with an accessory)
  • easy conversation comes to a stop, but eye contact is not broken
  • your partner smiles in conjunction with any of the above behaviors
To give your partner the cue that you wish to kiss him or her, you can try one or a combination of these things.

  • soften your gaze by relaxing the muscles around your eyes, somewhat like smiling but without engaging your mouth
  • smile often, though
  • make eye contact and allow it to linger for a few moments longer than you normally would
  • find ways to subtly (but respectfully) touch your partner
If you think you are picking up some of these signs, but are still unsure if the person wants to be kissed then there is nothing wrong with just simply asking your partner if a kiss would be all right. Granted it breaks the mood a bit, and sensing the magic is always nicer than asking if it's there, but better to be sure your partner is on board for the kiss otherwise you might be heading for an embarrassing situation.

If you've assessed the situation, and it seems probable that a kiss is imminent, the next things to think about are timing and approach. The key to nailing the pre kiss is matching your partner's speed and intensity. The kiss is the first opportunity to physically connect with your partner, and so you want to meet him or her halfway.

Here are some steps you could follow as you go in for the kiss. Keep in mind that the kiss you share with someone is as unique as your relationship with that person, so follow your instincts and use the following as a rough guideline.

1. Establish a physical connection by placing your hands on your partner's body. Placement depends on the dynamic between you, you can softly touch the face, the back of the neck or the shoulders. Be gentle with your touch if this is the first contact you are making. Stay away from "high risk" zones on your partners body, as you just want to indicate that you are interested in kissing them, not give them a full body search.

2. Establish and maintain eye contact from this point on. The eyes are often a clear indicator if someone wants to be kissed, or is thinking about kissing you. Try to look at your partner with a deep, yet soft gaze. Use your eyes to send them a message that shows how you feel for your partner, e.g., "I care for you, I am on fire when I look at you, I want to kiss you."

3. As you lean in, you may want to tilt your body and head to accommodate your partner's positioning. One partner will have to make room for the other, or both partners can just slightly tilt heads in opposite directions. Basically you are just trying to avoid a nose collision as you get closer, so just pick a side to turn to and don't give it too much thought.

4. Gauge how quickly your partner is leaning in and try to meet at the halfway point between you, so neither person is overextended. Over/under extension can make one person feel like they are not getting met and are either too aggressive, or not engaged enough.

If you have come this far with your partner chances are you are going to kiss, or you have misread the entire situation and they are just leaning in to look at something stuck in your teeth.

If the first is true, then read on because it's time to pucker up and get on with THE 

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How to Kiss a Guy for the First Time - YouTube

How to Kiss a Guy for the First Time, excellent kissing guide for men and women

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Bigfoot Garden Statue For Sale | bigfoot statues for sale - YouTube

Bigfoot Garden Statue For Sale: This is a life sized statue of bigfoot. It is ideal for outdoor parties and other Bigfoot related events.

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Putting Your BigFoot Garden Statue on Sale

Bigfoot Garden Statue For Sale: This is a life sized statue of bigfoot. It is ideal for outdoor parties and other Bigfoot related events., date uploaded: 5/24/2014 9:52:14 AM, VID: 0

Bigfoot Garden Statue For Sale

Bigfoot Garden Statue For Sale - YouTube

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Lead System Network Review

The Lead System Network is a hot new internet marketing program that is perfect for new and veteran internet marketers who want to grow their downline as well as to have access to a suite of software and products.

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Affiliate Network Review 2014

Likewise Maxbounty is known as high payout offers center point, so at the end of the day for the same offer in Maxbounty system you will recieve more than in any possible system. Well regardless of the possibility that it so amazing (and I am attempting to be truly legit in this Maxbounty survey), the there are a few truths that you won't prefer whatsoever.

Affiliate Network Review

In last November the Maxbounty organization raised me and my companion in a vast sum, after that we have trusted about this organization and we are putting resources into the buy of commercials for one of offers,

Should you join Maxbounty?

Before you join an affiliate network, these are the things you should know beforehand.

Maxbounty Affiliate Network

Honest Review of Maxbounty.

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Stiforp in April 2014

Stiforp is still creating waves in the network marketing industry. But is Stiforp really for you? Can anyone make money with it? Check out my review here:

Saturday, 5 April 2014

Is Stiforp the future for Network Marketing?

Only time will tell, but with a wonderful new compensation system and a complete suite of tools for people who are new to the industry, this might be your best bet yet, or not...

Stiforp is the Future

Stiforp will knock your socks off. No kidding! New compensation structure. New ways to market. New tools. A network marketer's dream really.

Stiforp 2014

Not many people realize that Stiforp actually represents Profits, spelt backwards. It is a one of a kind network marketing company, but sadly not many know about it.

Is Stiforp Right for you?

Stiforp is one of many network marketing companies, however with a twist. Their commissions structure is totally different and based on a matrix, instead of legs.

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Kenmore Progressive 21714 vs All other Vacuum Cleaners out there!

The gauntlet has been thrown! Kenmore Progressive 21714 is going up against all the other well know vacuum cleaner brands! Who shall win this fight and be crowned dust champion! Stay tuned!

Kenmore Progressive 21714 is the best Vacuum Cleaner

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Kenmore Progressive 21714 Review

Noted as one of the best vacuum cleaners for 2014, Kenmore Progressive 21714 is definitely a cleaning machine to look out for and for the competition to stay away from!

Kenmore Progressive 21714

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What is Peerfly?

Peerfly is the best affiliate network for 2014!

Honest Review of Peerlfy Affiliate Network

Peerfly has been around for some time. They are steadily gaining more and more strength, and affiliates from all over the world are turning to them because of their high quality and how they do business. Peerfly is an awesome way for affiliates, new as well as seasoned, to earn some cash.

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Shareasale Reviewed

Shareasale is a popular up and coming affiliate network, gaining interest steadily with affiliate marketers all over the world. See what the rave is all about.

Shareasale Affiliate Network Review

Why should you choose Shareasale as your affiliate network? Well you are about to find out!


A review of one of the best affiliate networks online. They cater to newbs as well as the seasoned internet marketer.